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1、Ebook brought to you by www TeamPlayL please see included pdf file Ashida Kim DOJOPress 2000 Table of Contents Preface 4 Espionage as a Weapon 5 BASIC NINJITSU 6 Meditation for Inner Strength 10 Kuji Kiri 15 INPO The Art of Hiding 33 The Nine Steps 38 Obstacle Course Training 52 Hiding Places 66 Cov

2、ert Entry 71 Sentry Removal 77 TONPO The Art of Escaping 84 Kumi Uchi 90 Clouding the Mind 98 Leaving No Trace 104 The Mission 106 Postscript 107 Secrets of the Ninja Ashida Kim All rights reserved No portion of this electronic book may be reproduced in any form whatso ever except for brief passages

3、 for the purpose of review without express written permission of the Author and Publisher The Author and Publisher assume no responsibility nor liability for the use or misuse of any information contained in this manuscript Copyright 1981 by Ashida Kim DOJO Press 2000 Electronic Edition ISBN 0 87364

4、 234 1 Preface Ninja were the Ultimate Warriors of feudal Japan Cloaked in darkness and secrecy the Ghost Soldiers of the Invisible Fist struck fear into the hearts of their enemies and wreaked havoc on those who incurred their wrath The principles of these occult methods have not changed and apply

5、even today The principles and forms presented herein are intended for use by a lone individual Some Ninjitsu ryu schools advocate the use of such equipment as shuriken grapples shaken even poisons and firearms These schools train to use or improvise any weapon that may further the objective of the m

6、ission There is much to be said for this approach even among the schools that practice invisibility such as the Black Dragon Ryu Therefore sections explaining the clas sical Ninja weapons are included Yet study of this Art does not require weapons of any sort Sensei teacher once said A naked man alo

7、ne in an empty room can practice Ninjitsu One cannot move quickly and silently when encumbered by various tools And if captured these devices would certainly be confiscated What is one to do then Here then are the means to be invisible in the presence of the enemy to penetrate unseen anywhere and to

8、 pass without leaving a trace This is the Silent Way of the Mystic Knights the Moonlit Path of the Shadow Warrior the Invisible Assassins of Feudal Japan the NINJA The beauty of these techniques is that they do not require a lifetime to master Many were developed by victims who were tired of being b

9、ullied but lacked the physical resources to overcome the forces opposing them Few people have such resources or the time to acquire them But there are bullies aplenty The student need only learn one technique and have the courage to carry it out to free himself of oppression Making war is not hard k

10、eeping the peace is hard That is why the Ninja who value peace and harmony above all else have gone to such great lengths over many centuries to canonize and preserve these methods And why because it is so simple the techniques have often been turned to revenge or used to raise and army quickly When

11、 there is no justice the Ninja appear They are not called to action by anyone They are just ordinary people in extraordinary situations They need not have a clan or credentials or even a great deal of training They only need the Will The Ninja do what must be done then it is forgotten Princes and ki

12、ngs may gain some temporary advantage through Force But the only lasting accomplishments are achieved through Love This is the true lesson of Ninjitsu 3 Espionage as a Weapon About five hundred years before the birth of Christ a Chinese philosopher named Sun Tse stated in his Rules for Political and

13、 Psychological Subversion that there is no art higher than that of destroying the enemy s resistance without a fight on the battlefield According to this sage The direct tactic of war is necessary only on the battlefield but only the indirect tactic can lead to a real and lasting victory Subvert any

14、thing of value in the enemy s country Implicate the emissaries of the major powers in criminal undertakings undermine their position and destroy their reputations in other ways as well and expose them to the public ridicule of the their fellow citizens Do not shun the aid of even the lowest and most

15、 despicable people Disrupt the work of their government with every means you can Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens of the enemy s country Turn the young against the old Use every means to destroy their arms their supplies and discipline of the en emy s forces Debase old traditions and a

16、ccepted gods Be generous with promises and rewards to purchase intelligence and accomplices Send out your secret agents in all directions Do not skimp with money or with promises for they yield a high return It is upon this passage from the Art of War that Japanese Ninjitsu is based Sun Tse was quit

17、e correct No more need be said concerning espionage as a weapon But The Art of Invisibility is far older even than this Nor was Sun Tse the first to rec ognize this principle And much later Macheivelli s The Prince expressed the same sentiment with regard to conquering new lands The great expense of

18、 war being his primary motivation in counseling the medieval lords of his time 4 Basic Ninjitsu The origins of Ninjitsu are shrouded in the mists of time It was greatly influenced by Chinese spying techniques many of which are found in Sun Tse s classic The Art of War The word Ninjitsu itself origin

19、ated during a war between Prince Shotoku and Moriya over the land of Omi in sixth century Japan During this conflict a warrior named Otomo no Saajin contrib uted to the victory of Prince Shotoku by secretly gathering valuable intelligence about the en emy forces For this service he was awarded the t

20、itle of Shinobi which means stealer in From this ideogram the character for the word Ninjitsu is derived Originally the role of the Ninja was to gain information about the enemy and to sabo tage his operations Agents were classified as Indigenous meaning local personnel who gath ered intelligence or

21、 worked for the Ninja on site Sleeper being one long in place merely awaiting instructions Doubled or Turned a former agent of the enemy who spied for both sides and Expendable agents who were used for only one mission and then left to fend for themselves Such agents include both men and women the f

22、emale Ninja were called Kunoichi and carried out missions of assassination and sabotage as well as espionage Ninjitsu is not a magical technique which will enable you to disassemble your body and reassemble yourself somewhere else It will not change the structure of your body making it transparent T

23、his Art of Invisibility consists of the skills employed to make yourself unseeable in this context the art becomes almost a philosophy The ancient masters have said A tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it makes no sound but it falls nonetheless So it is with Ninjitsu A Ninja attacking a

24、blind man is in visible but he is attacking nonetheless 5 To Be A Ninja To be a Ninja indeed to even contemplate the Silent Way one must be a hunter This means that he knows the ways of his prey He studies their habits patterns of movement and routines In this way he can strike when they are most vu

25、lnerable or trap them in their own habits To be a Ninja an invisible assassin one must be a warrior This means that he accepts responsibility for his actions Strategy is the craft of the warrior To be a Ninja one must be a wizard This means that he can stop the world and see with the eyes of God Thi

26、s is the essence of Mugei Mumei No Jitsu which is translated to mean no name no art Secrecy is the hallmark of being a spy To be a Ninja one must be strong one must know one must dare and one must be si lent Uniform of the Ninja The costume of the Ninja is basically that of the stage handlers of the

27、 Kabuki theatre who sneak on stage during scenes to help actors with costume changes move scenery or re move props He is not noticed even though he may remain in full view for an entire act He seems a part of the landscape And when he does move it is accomplished so swiftly and unob trusively that h

28、e escapes notice This symbolism applies equally to the actions of an agent in the field For our purposes the Ninja uniform consists of a Black Ski Mask as camouflage paint or blacking of the face is time consuming and cannot be quickly removed b Black overjacket often reversible to disguise the appe

29、arance c Black Belt or sash d Black Cover alls with blousing ties at the wrists elbows knees and ankles And e Black Tabi split toed socks made for wearing with sandals The soft sole of these protects the feet and helps muffle the sounds of walking The traditional uniform also included the hakima whi

30、ch is a divided skirt for formal wear leggings and a light tunic of chain mail My Sensei also employed a large gray hooded cape which was used to distort the silhouette a true cloak of invisibility The costume of the Ninja was called Shinobi Shokozu The blousing ties at the joints could serve to sli

31、ghtly numb the body to take impact in hand to hand combat by tightening them slightly Or as tourniquets to stop bleeding if the agent were slashed during swordplay Black is considered the traditional color because it was used by the Kabuki stage han dlers Theatregoers were expected to ignore the sha

32、dow figure who used many of the same techniques employed today for espionage to move invisibly about the stage But solid black stands out at night among the true shadows cast by moon and torchlight Therefore most Ninja schools used brown gray or red uniforms Red had the advantage of being black at n

33、ight with no sunlight to reflect the crimson color a fact known only to those who studied light and shadow as a Neolithic science When it came into the firelight however the color returned And psychologically intimidated the enemy through the association of red with the fear of blood 6 This trick wa

34、s also used by the Spartans of ancient Greece who wore red capes to frighten the enemy and conceal any wounds they might receive in battle An example of Sai menjitsu Hsi Men Jitsu the Way of the Mind Gate Ninja terminology for the study of the mind psychology Again an example of powers and abilities

35、 far beyond those of mortal man Most of whom were still living in mud huts at this period of human history Cooking on open fires struggling to eke out an existence with primitive agriculture no medicine to speak of by mod ern standards it is difficult to believe that in such times men had time to op

36、press each other and wage war But it has always been thus Only the Ninja stood between the peasants and the princes Only they could pass through walls and strike at the heart of the enemy camp That is why it is forbidden to use this Art for personal gain That is why it is full of hidden philosophica

37、l lessons In this way the Ninja is protected by the armor of righteousness and can do no wrong Principles of Light and Shadow Since any opaque object absorbs light it produces a shadow in the space behind it If the source of light is a point an opaque surface cuts off all light striking it producing

38、 a shadow of uniform density An example is the casting of hand shadows on a wall If the source of light is larger than a point the shadow varies in intensity creating the umbra and penumbra The former is that portion from which all rays of light are obscured while the penumbra is the lighter part no

39、t entirely hidden from the observer Spotlights hand torches and so on are points of light The latter of the two shadows is the more frequently encountered Thus in Ninjitsu we strive to remain in the deepest shadow the umbra as this offers the best concealment The rule of Kagashi no jitsu states that

40、 the eye sees movement first silhouette second and color third Dark adaptation means allowing the eyes to become accustomed to low levels of light Approximately thirty minutes are required for the rod cells of the eye to produce suffi cient visual purple to enable the eye to distinguish objects in d

41、im light Off Center vision is a technique of focusing attention on an object without looking directly at it When an object is looked at directly the image is formed on the cone region of the eye This area is not sensitive at night When the eye looks five to ten degrees above below right or left of t

42、he object the image falls on the rod cells making it visible in dim light Scanning is a method of using this off center vision to observe an object or area During night observation the visual purple of the rod cells bleaches out in five to ten seconds and the image fades As this occurs you must shif

43、t the eyes slightly so that fresh rod cells are used Move the eyes in short irregular intervals over the object but do not look directly at it Pause a few seconds at each point of observation because your eyes normally are used where there is sufficient light to create sharp outlines and bright colo

44、rs In darkness objects are faint have no distinct outline and little or no color To move in darkness you must believe what you see Only practice can achieve this 7 At night if the enemy can be seen keep the fire light between yourself and the enemy Remember the enemy is looking from and area of ligh

45、t in which his pupils have constricted into an area of darkness where insufficient light exists to display an image on the cone region of the retina In daylight keep the fire and the door on your right and keep the left side clear Moving in shadows requires that a path be selected from one place of

46、concealment to another crossing any exposed areas quickly and quietly Standing in darkness requires great pa tience and controlled breathing The best place inside a room is the nearest corner behind the door Select a shadow to be used and advance silently to it Assume a posture which conforms to the

47、 shape of the shadow and remain within it Practice shallow breathing To become invisible Ninjitsu employs the Nine Steps of Kuji Ashi This is consistent with the concept of Shugendo the mountain asceticism of feudal Japan in which Kuji nine is the most important number Nine is the number of completi

48、on in numerology Meditation The emphasis on meditation to cultivate the mind and body is characteristic of all Far Eastern martial arts Nowhere is this more true than in Ninjitsu the Silent Way Ninja place as much importance on the spiritual and mental aspects of their art as on the physical The abi

49、lity to think to reason and remember is highly prized among a society where the mind is the ultimate weapon To this end they developed exercises to sharpen their percep tion and psychological insight These techniques also serve to rejuvenate the body calm the mind and cultivate the inner strength It

50、 was said that the ancient Ninja could sense hidden ene mies foresee the imminent death of a sick or aged person and predict the breakup up of a mar riage This was not because they were psychic but rather because they had developed their powers of observation and intuition to a high degree through t


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